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Expansion joints

The expansion joint is used as a transition between old concrete/clay / cast iron pipes and new plastic pipes. It is an interior transition, which can be assembled at both spigots and socket ends, no matter if it is with or against the direction of rotation.

All expansion joints are assembled as follows:

Firstly, the joint is induced with silicone at the reduced end.You then twist the joint into the existing pipe, and then you heat the joint inside with a heat gun. Due to the heat that expands the joint throughout the pipe wall, it hereby, forms a 100 % leak-proof transition between joint, silicone and existing pipe. 

Expansion joint advantages:

- A sewer contractor can easily and quickly solve any job, e.g. under concrete curbs, or at reduced ends where concrete or clay pipes are broken skewed off. An expansion joint does not require a spigot, just as you do not have to hack into the basement.

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H.L. Muffer ApS produce expansion joints in dimensions OD75- OD1000. However, only stock-keeping to OD500. Additional to regular stock, H.L. Muffer ApS are able to supply with customised solutions.


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