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Welcome to H.L. Muffer ApS

H.L. Muffer ApS produce plastic, shrink and expansion joints that are used to combine old sewer pipes with new.

H.L. Muffer Aps is a family owned business with 4o years of experience within the sewer business. Hans Larsen founded the company on December 19th 2000. 

He has had his sewer authorisation since 1975. One of the core values for the company is that H.L. Muffer Aps is owned and driven by the family, which means that most of the family is part of the daily operations. 

H.L. Muffer ApS have received different awards throughout the years, mentioned hereof, “Jantelivstils-prisen” in 2001, which is a Danish award given to an entrepreneur, who late in life decides to establish a company, and the Danish Environmental award in 2005.

H.L. Muffer ApS have nowadays a large client base and network within the sewer business, which means that the production is always busy and so is the product innovation. 

The company started with 10 product numbers, and now there are more than 100.

This is the story about a company that started out as a hobby for the founder, with production in the weekends and sales in the weekdays. Today, H.L. Muffer Aps is a recognised and a discerning company in the sewer business.

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H.L.Muffer ApS

CVR: 25799895

Idrætsvej 31

DK-9681 Ranum


​Phone: 98 67 70 05

Fax: 98 67 72 22


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