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The story of H.L. Muffer ApS

Before the foundation of H.L. Muffer ApS in December 2000, Hans Larsen had many years of preparation before the company became a reality. The reason for the up-start, was due to irritation of the transitional solutions that was on the market at that time that Hans Larsen used himself. He has had his own entrepreneur business since 1973 and his sewer authorisation since 1975. Hereby, irritation became invention of the shrink joint, which is a transition solution that would cover many dimensions at once and still be 100% leak -proof.

It took many years of experimenting before the first shrink joint was sent to Danish Technological Institute, and it was quite a struggle to get the first VA approval. H.L. Muffer ApS, therefore, contacted BIC Nord, which was a Danish counsellor company that helped with the proper counselling, in terms of several theoretical questions and problems. With their help, H.L. Muffer ApS succeeded in getting the first VA approval on April 25th 2000.

​In 2001 Hans Larsen was nominated for regional “Jantelivstisprisen” and won. Furthermore, he was invited to the national award in Copenhagen, but did not win, however, just to be considered was a big accomplishment.

In 2002, H.L. Muffer ApS was presented with “The Danish Environmental award” at “Vantek industry exhibition”. The award was given on behalf of the development of the shrink joint, and this was another recognition from the authorities that the shrink joint was and still is a solid and environmentally friendly invention.

In 2008, H.L. Muffer ApS develops another production line that revolutionised the sewer business. H.L. Muffer ApS develops the expansion joint, which was originally intended for the septic tank T-piece, but many sewer contractors sees the potential in the transition and start to use it as a regular transition solution. The joint becomes popular and is the best-selling transition solution today.

In the Fall 2012 H.L. Muffer purchases “The old wood turnery “ in Ranum, due to space problems. However, it is not until 2013 that the company changes address because renovations of the excising buildings were necessary and, furthermore, a 400m2 production hall was added.

In 2013, Annette Vilhelmsen, the former Minister of Growth, Trade and Industry, visited H.L. Muffer ApS. She wanted to visit a few companies in the county and, therefore, H.L. Muffer was considered.

At the end of 2014, the company expands again. The factory is extended with office, laboratory and extra storage.

In 2015, the VA approval for the expansion joint and the shrink joint for chamber shaft is finally received. With joint collaboration of The Danish Technological institute and ETA Denmark, it took approximately one year to receive the approvals. The approval for the expansion joint increases the interest, and this results in another storage expansion at the end of 2015.


H.L.Muffer ApS

CVR: 25799895

Idrætsvej 31

DK-9681 Ranum


​Phone: 98 67 70 05

Fax: 98 67 72 22


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