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H.L. Muffer ApS produce shrink- and expansion joints that form a 100% leak-proof transition between sewer pipes in concrete, clay & cast ion, and PVC/PP and PE.

Additional to the shrink and expansion joints, H.L. Muffer ApS, furthermore, produce T-piece for septic tanks and a universal tripod for manual pipe cutters. As cause of delivering products within a niche business, there is a possibility of purchasing other products such as rat protection and high water protection. 

H.L. Muffer ApS only deliver quality products that respect all legal requirements.

For further information about our different products, please click on the product categories below:

Shrink joints, shrink joint for chamber shaft, expansion joint, socket lining, T-pieces, technical tools, rat protections, wastewater reverse locking stop, and special production


H.L.Muffer ApS

CVR: 25799895

Idrætsvej 31

DK-9681 Ranum


​Phone: 98 67 70 05

Mobile: 21 47 33 34

Fax: 98 67 72 22


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